1. This product is not a toy. Do not allow children or pets to play with your KidPhone 3G. The product contains small components that can be a choking hazard 
  2. KidPhone 3G is splash-resistant. It can withstand raindrops and sweat, however, it should be removed before swimming or showering. 
  3. Certain atmosphere factors and other error sources can affect the accuracy of GPS. 
  4. Do not store the device under extreme temperatures. 
  5. Do not use or store device in dusty and dirty areas. 
  6. Do not drop, knock, or shake device. Rough handling can disrupt internal circuit board and mechanical parts. 
  7. Charger output must be: 5 V, 1A (standard USB charger). 
  8. During first start up of the watch, Google Play Services will ask your permission to check your location. Without Google Play Services, geolocation function won’t work properly. Please make sure you confirm Google Play Services permission. If you accidentally have denied Google Play Services, just restart the watch to make this window appear again. 
  9. By default, data roaming function on the watch is turned on. Please don’t forget to turn it off if you don’t need this function. 
  10. Please make sure you have correctly entered phone numbers using country code: <+>. For example +1234567890. Don’t use symbols like ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘-’, ‘ ‘,‘<‘,‘>‘. 
  11. To prevent overheating, the videochat function is limited to 3 minutes duration. Timeout between videochats should be not less than 5 minutes. In case of emergency, videochat can be initiated from the app by entering a confirmation code. 
  12. KidPhone 3G works in 2G/3G network. Photo sharing, videochat function and automatic firmware updates can use significant mobile internet traffic. Choose operator’s tariff accordingly and set WiFi passwords for frequently visited places to lower the amount of mobile traffic. 
  13. Regularly check for available updates in watch settings.