1. The device must be used only as intended.

2. Use the device only with compatible accessories.

3. It is forbidden to disassemble the device and introduce changes to its design. Maintenance and repair of the device should be carried out only by authorized service centers.

4. If any part of the device is damaged or a malfunction is detected, stop using it immediately and contact a service center.

5. Do not switch on or use the device if it is damaged.

6. The device is not waterproof and dustproof; shockproof protection is not provided.

7. Do not allow moisture, rain or liquids to get on the device and USBcable; do not touch them with wet hands. Do not use the device in places with high humidity (for example, in a bathroom).

8. Do not leave the device in places exposed to high temperatures, in direct sunlight, near heating appliances or microwave ovens, in a car with the windows closed (especially in the summer).

9. Do not leave the device in excessively dusty places or in places with large amounts of sand.

10. Keep the earphones in the charging case with the lid closed, out of reach of children and animals.

11. Do not use the headphones at high volume for a long time. To avoid impairment to hearing, use the headphones at an average level that is comfortable for you. Before putting on the headphones, turn down the device volume and then gradually increase it to the desired level of comfort.

12. Be careful when using the headphones and driving or performing any other action that requires high concentration of attention, for example, riding a bicycle or moving along a carriageway, railway, etc. Remove the headphones or adjust the volume so that you can hear the surrounding sounds well.

13. To avoid injury to your ear canal, do not use the headphones without ear cushions. Do not push the headphones or control button forcefully.

14. Before charging the Elari EarDrops, make sure that voltage of the local mains supply corresponds to the operating voltage of the charging case.

15. Using an alternative power source (for example, a computer) instead of a networked charger may result in a lower charge rate due to lower amperage.

16. To avoid damage to the power connector of the device, do not apply too much force when connecting the charging cable.

17. Moisture, dust or liquid on the charging contacts may cause their corrosion. If there are traces of dirt or moisture, carefully remove them with a dry soft cotton pad before charging the device’s batteries.

18. With prolonged charging / using, the case of the device may be heated which is allowed. This is normal and does not affect the performance and life of the device and is not a malfunction.

19. Lithium-ion battery usage time depends on environmental conditions and operation. Using the device at high volume levels shortens its battery life.

20. If you have not used the device for a long time, the charged battery usage may be reduced. After several charges, the battery will resume its normal operation.

21. If you do not plan to use the device for a long time, fully charge the battery every 3 months to maintain its working condition.

22. If you have not used the device for a long time, battery charging may take longer.

23. If battery life has been halved, it means that the battery service life has expired. To replace the battery, contact your nearest service center.