1. For the full use of smart watch need to install and register in ELARI SafeFamily application on your smartphone 

  2. SIM сard Installation  

  • ELARI KidPhone 2 works only in 2G (GSM 900/1800) mobile networks. Make sure that your mobile operator supports the work in these mobile networks
  • Before installing a SIM card, disable the PIN code request using your phone (link to manual)
  • Before installing a SIM card, make sure that it has a positive balance and stable mobile internet. You can check it with your mobile phone (link to manual)
  • Turn off the smart watch, open the silicone plug. Place the SIM card (microSIM format) with the chip up to the screen and the cut-off angle inside the smart watch, insert the SIM card until it clicks, close the silicone plug: 



    3. Turn on the smart watch  
  Level of mobile network should be a white color: 


             If you the sign Gx - no mobile network, SIM card is deactivated, SIM card balance is negative, SIM card does not                         support 2G mobile network:


   4. Сonnecting the smart watch to ELARI SafeFamily application  
  • After detecting SIM card open smart watch main menu-Binding code 


Note: to сonnect the smart watch with the application under QR-code should be a character code. Its absence means that SIM card is not installed in the smart watch, a negative balance of SIM card, SIM card does not support 2G mobile network:


  • Open ELARI SafeFamily application-Settings-Add Device:


  • You can manually connect the smart watch with ELARI SafeFamily application.Need to enter a symbolic binding code, which is displayed under the QR code:

Settings-Add Device-Scan Barcode-Input



After you scan QR code, the message “Added” will appear on the smart watch display

In ELARI SafeFamily application need to add the information about your child, SIM card mobile number which is installed in the smart watch.

Note: SIM-card number must be added in the international format without spaces, brackets and dashes + 79ххххххххх

After add the information the smart watch will be ready to work.

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