• Use only the supplied ELARI charging cable. Using non-original cables may damage the headphones or, in the event of adverse circumstances, cause the battery to explode and void the product warranty.

• Gradually, charge and discharge cycles of the headphones will reduce battery life. This is normal for any battery.

• Don't make incomming or receive calls while charging the headphones.

• When the battery level is low, the headphones will repeat the voice message “Battery low” and the indicator will flash red. If the headphones are discharged during the call, it will be automatically redirected to the smartphone.

• If both (R) and (L) headphones are turned on, the main headphone is the right (R) headphone (feature of True Wireless Stereo technology). The location of the signal source on the right side reduces the likelihood of its interruption due to interference from obstructions and signal dispersion (for example, the location of the smartphone in the right front pocket of the clothes can reduce signal interruptions compared with the location in the left).

• The right headphone is the main one, receives bluetooth signal from the source and relays it to the left headphone (in case of stereo operation). In this regard, the discharge rate of the battery of the right headphone is higher than that of the left one (the exact indicators depend on the volume of audio playback, as well as the presence of noise during signal transmission).

• Don't immerse the included charging case with headphones in the water.

 Don't immerse the charging case with the micro-USB power cable in water.