How to activate a data plan
To activate data plan please turn off and on your router in a country of destination
When can a next plan be activated
Important! Next data plan for the same country can be activated only upon the previous data plan expired, i.e. on the next day. If you are not sure that data volume you purchased is enough, you are recommended to buy a data plan of higher volume.
How long is data plan validity term
Data plan is valid for 24 hour after activation. If you buy data plan for several days, you will receive a new daily data quote each day (24 hours). Unused daily data quote is not moved over for the next day.
WiFi support:
IEEE 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz)
Working hours in LTE (3G) networks:

up to 10 (12) hours

Supports up to 10 connected devices (including mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, pocket translators, AirPlay devices, etc.)