• Before the first use, charge the case and earphones via a USB cable for at least 30 minutes. During this procedure, it is not recommended to remove the earphones from the case.  
  • Remove the headphones from the charging case, hold the multifunction key on each earphone for 5 seconds, the headphones will automatically go into synchronization mode with each other. You will hear «NanoPods connected» in each earphone after successful sync, «Right channel» in the right earphone and «Left channel» in the left earphone. After that, you will hear the «NanoPods pairing» notification in the right earphone and the earphones will switching into pairing with external Bluetooth device mode.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for Bluetooth devices. Choose «ELARI NanoPods 2» from the list of found Bluetooth devices. You will hear «Pairing successful» in the right earphone upon successful connection.

NOTE: ELARI NanoPods 2 remember the previously connected devices. After turning on, the earphones automatically establish connection to the previously connected devices given that they have Bluetooth turned 9 on and the earphones are in range of the Bluetooth signal. Upon pairing the earphones to the Android/iOS devices the battery charge level indicator will be displayed in the status bar next to the Bluetooth connection indicator. If both (left and right) earphones are connected, the charge level of the right earphone will be displayed. If the earphones run out of charge during call, the call will be redirected to the smartphone.