1. Insert SIM card in the watch, according to the instructions from the manual.

2. Install ELARI SafeFamily application to fully enjoy the watch:

Link for Android

Link for IOS

3. Run the application and go through the registration of an account.

Registration instructions

If the verification code does not come

4. Turn on the watch and wait until the “G” icon is displayed to the mobile network indicator. It means that the watch has Internet access and you can go to step 7.

5. If you see "Gx" icon, then the watch has found a cellular network, but does not have Internet access

6. To set up Internet access on the watch's SIM card, click the “Internet setup in watch” button and follow the instruction:  

After successful sending of SMS message, “Bound” message will appear on the watch screen. Please, turn off the watch and turn on again. After that, Internet on the watch will be available.

7. Then need to bind your watch to ELARI SafeFamily account. In the watch menu, find the "Binding Code" item and select it so that QR code appears on the screen:

8. In ELARI SafeFamily click the “Scan” button and point the camera at the watch screen:

The application recognizes QR code, on the watch screen will appear the inscription "Added". Need to add the child's data to the application, number of the SIM card that is installed in the watch.

Pay attention: SIM card number must be added in international format without spaces, brackets and dashes. After adding the child's data, the watch will be ready for use.