Open ELARI SafeFamily application-Settings-Family-Click “+” on the top of the screen:

Select the picture for the contact, enter the name, phone number (the phone number must be added in the international format, for example +7 .........., without the use of spaces, brackets, dashes and other characters)

Select contact type:

1. Position+Chat+Call - contacts which already have ELARI SafeFamily account. The following options are available for contacts:

  • Voice and video calls, Callback mode
  • Pedometer, viewing location in real time
  • View geozones, set alarms, contacts, location history

2. Call only - contacts which doesn't have ELARI SafeFamily account. This contacts have only call function

Make sure that SIM card installed in smart watch has a positive balance (manual) and an Internet connection. Otherwise, the contacts will not be displayed in smart watch.