The contacts should be added in the international dialing format!

How to add a new contacts:

1) Open ELARI SafeFamily application-Settings-About Device

  • Show the QR-code of a smart watch for scanning to the person. After successful scanning, the contact will be automatically synchronize.

2) The administrator can add the contacts himself:

  • Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Family- click on the “+” in the upper right corner of the screen

       Follower - has access to "Location + chat + calls. Available only to registered users ELARI SafeFamily

       Contact - has permission only for calls. ELARI SafeFamily is not installed

Please, note that the phone numbers of “Elari SafeFamily“ users will be added automatically after logging in to your account (make sure that the user number is in international format). All numbers must be entered without spaces, hyphens, brackets, etc.

3) When the smart watch is turned off, contacts are not added to the contact list.