Cannot add a safe zone:

1. Try to add "Safe zone" near-press "Save"

2. Сheck SIM card balance

3. The smart watch location not displayed, the location displayed is not correct

4. Check GPS settings

Notifications do not come:

1. Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Safe zones-select safe zone-Edit-Click to Edit-check the days and time-Save-Save

 2. Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Care Time-check the days, time, tracking mode-Save

The information about "Safe zones" is sending by "Care time" information, so pay attention on Care Time-Tracking mode. If "Care Time" is 08:00-20:00, but a child leave a safe zone at 21:00, you will get the notification at 08:00 next day. 

The notification will not send if location information was get by LBS. The notification will be send if location information was get by GPS or Wi-Fi

Location data. GPS / LBS / Wifi network definition