APN settings you can check with your mobile operator. SIM card should be installed in the smart watch.

ELARI KidPhone3G.

1. Install SIM-card, turn on the smart watch, press "Start"

2. The screen should be turn on during 5 minutes. Tap the screen to make it active.

3. You will see the inscription "No network replace the SIM card or click here to choose other APN". Tap on the text 5 times

4. You will see APN access points. You can choose APN access point, change APN access point, add new APN access point (swipe from right to left).

ELARI KidPhone2, FixiTime3

To add APN settings need to send SMS message to the SIM card that is installed in the smart watch.

Message format to add APN settings:

APN#port#SIM ID#APN name#username#userpwd#ip»

For example: 

Mottiv mobile operator: APN#0#25035#inet.ycc.ru#motiv#motiv#0