QR-code consists of squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, that can be read by image processing devices such as the camera.

In our devices it is in the smart-watch menu:

QR-code is required to register with ELARI SafeFamily application and make full use of your watch. You can view information on registration and download the application by clicking on this link: Registration in ELARI SafeFamily application

Necessary requirements:

  1. SIM card installed in the smart watch.
  2. SIM card has a positive balance of Internet traffic.

In the smart watch KidPhone3G/KidPhone4G when the SIM card is detected on the mobile network, the window with QR code will appear automatically:

In the smart watch FixiTime3 and KidPhone2 need to open a main menu, find the item "Binding Code", select it, you will see the QR-code. Under QR-code should be the alphanumeric code, absence indicates that the SIM card is not detected on the network:

How to scan the QR-code and add it to the watch application: 

Open ELARI SafeFamily application, select the item "Settings"-'Add device"-"Scan Barcode", scanning your QR-code. 

Also you can add the smart watch manually: select the item "Settings"-'Add device"-"Scan Barcode"-"Input"