Smart watch

Silent mode was activated in the smart watch. Impossible to make a voice calls. The smart watch automatically receives incoming a voice calls
Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Device settings-Auto Answer-Turn off
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 10:42 AM
Сannot make a voice call to the smart watch. If "Protect from Stranger Calls" is turn off, during an incoming voice call on the display shows "unknown call"
Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Deivce Settings-Protect from Stranger Calls-Turn off Check that the user number is in international format (Elar...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 12:19 PM
Some items are not displayed in ELARI SafeFamily application
Only the administrator can see all item in ELARI SafeFamily application
Wed, 25 Sep, 2019 at 5:17 PM
How to add a second smart watch
Open Elari SafeFamily application-Settings-Add Device
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 11:21 AM
I get the "Off Alarm" notification, but the smart watch is on the arm
Need to tighten the strap of smart watch because the sensor responds to light changes
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 3:38 PM
International dialing code list
Australia 61Austria 43Azerbaijan 994Albania 355Algeria 213Angola 244Andorra 376Antigua and Barbuda 1268Armenia 374Afghanistan 93Bahamas 1242Bangladesh 880...
Tue, 20 Aug, 2019 at 12:03 PM
ELARI KidPhone3G. IP65 standart
Smart watch ELARI KidPhone3G has IP65 standart: Waterproof from splashes, rain, sweat. Resistant to penetration of solid particles of the external enviro...
Wed, 4 Sep, 2019 at 6:01 PM
ELARI Fresh. How to change language
Connect the watch to ELARI SafeFamily application - manual Settings-Device Setting-Language settings-Turn on: Scroll the menu to “Paring Code”, the...
Fri, 14 Feb, 2020 at 12:08 PM
Does your sim card support 2G network?
Settings may vary for each device. Install the SIM card into your smartphone. Select the mobile network in the settings, find "Network Type"...
Thu, 13 Feb, 2020 at 12:02 PM